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Pete Christianson

”What Travis taught me will make us millions. It has already made us $10,600 on our first deal. What you learn with Travis will give you the right foundation to be successful in land investing. Don’t mess around. Hire this guy and learn from his years of experience. Worth every penny! "

Matt Claeys

Travis coaching is incredible for being able to find properties.

It is the best and most straightforward training I have encountered in the land business. Using his trophy hunting method, I did a deal where I profited $100,147 without using any of my own money! Travis is a trustworthy educator and is amazing at teaching you how to find great deals and I highly recommend his 1-on-1 coaching.”

Johnny Forgione

Travis helped me take a 14-acre lot that had a market value of around $108k, and by subdividing it into 5 different sized lots, we forced an additional $122K of appreciation, bringing total profits of the deal north of $147,00! At the risk of sounding cliché, it really wasn't hard either. By using a surveyor, land consultant and realtor, most of the work was already being taken care of.” "

Ajay Sharma

“Ajay said, ”DO IT!!!! Travis helped me understand how to get "laser focus" on growing and scaling my land business. Travis helps you define aspects of your business that you didn't know existed, and break down topics into Layman's terms so everyone can understand it. If you're on the fence of signing up and are looking for steps to take your business to the next level, Travis is your answer."

Josh Chasse

“Innovative, Enthusiastic, Committed! Travis has a fantastic approach to planning and goal setting, and he provides data driven, realistic expectations for the business. I've also appreciated all of the extra time he's taken to talk through questions to ensure I'm on track. I love our plan for the year, we're already on target with the properties we've sold and the others in our pipeline! Working with him is a great investment!

Jason Larson

“Being a newer investor, I did not have the funds available to take down this larger deal I had under contract. Travis’ and his company Freedom Land Capital stepped in and funded the whole deal for me which ended up netting me $55,010.73 in profits!

Buck Rizvi

“Hi, Buck Rizvi here. I recently graduated from Travis King's land flipping mastery course, and I must say I am incredibly impressed. I have been involved in land investing for the last 14, 15 months. I've had good success, but Travis really opened my eyes to what's possible by focusing on much bigger transactions and much more profit per transaction, rather than duking it out over table scraps, selling much smaller parcels. I feel that the training that I received will have at least a 10X ROI on what I paid, which for me, in my business, based on where I am, is going to mean millions of dollars in additional profit for my business. I highly recommend Travis King, if you're considering his land flipping mastery course.”

Stacey Richardson

“My name is Stacey Richardson and over the last year I have participated in Travis King’s Land Flipping Mastery and 1:1 coaching and I wholeheartedly give my highest recommendation to any training he provides. I have paid for two other land investor trainings and though the first one got me into the game, there is honestly no comparison between the training that Travis provides and the other trainers I have been involved with. With Travis there is no fluff, no filler, no artificial colors or flavors! 100% of the time spent with Travis is focused on well-developed, well-presented, battle tested, land investing training. I am happy to speak to speak with anyone that has specific questions, you can reach me at

Chad & Hailey Swanson

“We just sold our first property that we purchased, using methods through your training program, we purchased it for $20,000 and sold it for $60,0000!  We sold it using Mike, the agent you introduced us to”.

About Travis King

With well over 7 figures of land investment deals and hundreds of transactions under his belt, Travis has established himself in the land investing industry as a "no-nonsense" powerhouse investor and The Top Coach for Intermediate & Advanced Investors.

His methods are based on precise calculations and strategies using state-of-the-art software and tools known to only the top 1% in the business.

Travis has built his business by overdelivering on value.

Now he wants to help build your wealth through calculated, strategic land education using current strategies for today's market.